Introducing the Bulldog Water Heater Pan by Vizco

Have you heard the buzz?


Bulldog Pans made with secureFLX are the best choice for water heater drain pans. The “TRUE FIT” design saves SPACE and MONEY because our pans fit true-to-size – unlike competitors. Our 22” pan fits up to a 22” tank with room to spare. With a competing pan, you must “go up” a size – costing you money and wasting valuable floor space. Why pay for more than you need?

Bulldog Pans are up to twice the ICC material thickness standards and are available with CPVC, PVC, or no fitting. Our ROLL FLEX technology allows you to ROLL tanks over the pan sidewall without any denting, cracking, or splitting. NO MORE TANK LIFTING saves time and makes installation much easier.

For the safest, toughest, highest-quality water heater drain pan that easily outperforms any competitor, choose Bulldog Pans.”

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