Made is America Spotlight is an Honor and Humbling Experience

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOften times at work we find ourselves trying to keep up with our work loads and trying to hit and achieve our budget numbers and quotas.   I personally  can get so wrapped up in these figures that I have to stop and think about the bigger picture for a moment and ask myself why am I doing this?   The usual answer is that I do it for my family or for the people that make our company go, for our customers and our vendors.   Most of the time these reasons and the fact that we work in a small industry with good people get me back on track and focused to get the job done.  For the second year in a row Buche and Associates has participated with Slant Fin in the “Made in America” spotlight program by Rampart Supply.   This is a unique program that Rampart Supply has run for years by teaming up with a manufactuer in the United States and donating a portion of sales to the SFAC at Fort Carson Army Base.  They work closely with the WTB (Warriors in Transition Battalion) and are able to provide both financial assistance and emotional support as they help these service men and women transition back into civilian life.  All of their services are made possible because of the support they receive from their donors.  I was not ever in the military but my father was and I seem to appreciate these men and women more as I grow older because of their service and selflessness that make our country the best.   This program is something that makes me take a step back from life and see a much bigger picture.   The chance for us to go to Ft Carson and actually present a check to this grooup that supports and aids these soldiers is more than humbling.   It is as real as it gets when you meet soldiers that have been wounded and have spent time in war so that we can sleep well at night.   Our experience with the “Made in America Spotlight” is an honor and brings a different kind of purpose.   Thank you Rampart Supply for creating this program and I look forward to being a supporter for as long as we can.



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