Buche & Associates offers many different professional services to Contractors, Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, Interior Designers, and wholesales customers. Come see what we have to offer!

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Product Selection

Buche & Associates has been in the Multi family, hospitality and residential heating, cooling and plumbing business for over 30 years.

We understand that every market has its own set of challenges and differences that cannot be resolved with just one solution. That is why, in addition to multiple product lines from top manufacturers, we offer services to help with product selection.

Please contact us so we can provide you with First Company efficiency matching, product selection and performance information, Unico System design & layout, Superior Radiant Design & layout, and LG PTAC product selections.

Buche & Associates works very closely with Mechanical Engineers, Mechanical Contractors, Architects, Developers and Builders to help them select the right product for their design.

First Company efficiency ratings

First Company Efficiency RatingWe can help you select your split systems and confirm it is an ARI listed matching system. Buche & Associates works with our engineers and contractors to ensure the product matches the performance needs of the project.

It is important for every project to have an ARI matched system, which we can help you secure. Buche & Associates has 20 years of product knowledge and design experience in the Multi-family and Hospitality Building segment.

We work with you to ensure the correct First Company product is selected to meet your project’s requirements.

Buche & Associates can either work with you or represent you in obtaining the necessary First Co efficiency rating. Call us today, to get this project underway.

First Co Efficiency Rating Let Us Do The Work for You

Commercial Fan Selection

Soler&Palau Fan Selector SoftwareBuche & Associates has multiple representatives who have attended and passed the S&P fan sizing school. And our team is here to help you with Fan selection, submittal information, and job quoting.

We can provide training on the software and/or perform the selection for your next project.

Soler and Palau’s has a software selection program that will provide you with fan selection submittal information and job quotes. The software can be found at – and we provide training for those who need it. Or we can pass the software along to you, if you are already trained.

Please contact us and we will get you a user name and password for the S&P fan selection software.

S&P Software Buche Carmco Is Here to Help

Unico System Design and layout

The Unico System Design And LayoutBuche & Associates works with Engineers, Architects, Builders , HVAC Contractors, and even homeowners, in designing Unico Systems.

Unico and Buche & Associates strive to educate you on the best practices of Unico System design and installation.

It is imperative to have contracting professionals who are thoroughly trained on the applications and principles of operation for the Unico product line. This will ensure every system you install will provide the highest level of comfort for your customers.

Please contact us to learn how you can submit your plan to Unico for a design. Or you can stay focused on what you do best, the work at hand, while we submit your next plan for a design and layout. Let us know how we can help.

Unico System Let Us Submit For You

Radiant Tube Heating Design

Please contact a Buche team member to get help with design and layout of your next Radiant Tube project.

We can review higher efficiency solutions for heating your warehouse or industrial space.

We stock and warehouse these heaters, for your convenience.

Give us a call to learn about our local Rocky Mountain region inventory. Click below on our quick sizing form and fill it out so we can provide you with an SRP product that will work in your application. (need to add a PDF link here – Peter tell them what the pdf is and why they want it)


Buche & Associates has provided technical training to hundreds of contractors, engineers and architects on our various product offerings (including: First Company, LG and Sharkbite). These are products we sell, because we know we can stand behind their performance.

Therefore, it is just as important for us, as it is for you, to make sure your team is using them in the most efficient manner.

We share your strong philosophy that training is vital to the success of the products you use.

Technical product training is offered to the hvac and plumbing contractors. Sales and application training is offered for our engineering partners, architect partners, and wholesale partners.

We offer installation and maintenance training courses on LG, First Company and Unico product lines.

Buche also offers Metal Fab training, vent sizing courses,  Shark Bite installation training and fan sizing schools.

Please ask your Buche representative when we are holding our next class. You can also send us an email/call us to discuss the type of training you would like to see us offer.


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