Slant Fin offers Colorado flood relief

It took a company that has been through a natural disaster to understand the need to reach out and help the local Community.  And now, they are helping our community, too.

Slant/Fin Corp. based in Long Island New York spent the past year trying to help rebuild its own community which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and the massive destruction that is did to Long Island and a large portion of the Eastern US.  One can imagine that a company that has been in business for 64 years – in Long Island, NY – has roots very deep in the area. It found both its customers and its own employees were affected by the storm.

When I first met with Adam (President) and Bob (Sales Manager), they were just 5 months after the storm and still talking about the destruction.  They tell a story of how they lost power at the office and plant, and made a make shift office in Adam’s house to start fielding calls and handling orders.  They felt the important to help their customers get back on their feet.

I remember thinking how impressed I was to hear what they did for their customers and how they took the driver’s seat to begin the rebuilding process, even when they had their own issues to handle.

I can honestly say that after living in Colorado most of my life I have not ever seen a rainstorm quite like the one that hit our state last month.  The three days of rain affected so many families and businesses that we are still feeling the damage and will be for some time.

My wife’s parents live in Longmont and were hit hard by the flooding losing a shed, equipment and having damage to their property, yet felt lucky that it wasn’t worse.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I heard, just days after the storm, that Slant/Fin wanted to help and has put together a rebate for replacement boilers.  It also offeres a free 5 year parts and labor warranty on these replacement boilers.

Many of the people affected by the storm do not have flood insurance, so I would imagine any help we be appreciated.

Below is a link to the Slant/Fin offer or feel free to call any of us at Buche Carmco Sales to find out more about it.  It means a lot to all of us to represent an American Company that wants to get involved on a local level and isn’t afraid to help any way it can.

I want to personally thank Stacey at Slant/Fin for making this happen and reaching out a helping hand.


SlantFin COLORADO BOILER REPLACEMENT through 10/13 $50 RebateDownload the $50 Rebate PDF

SlantFin $200 CHS RebateDownload the $200 Coupon PDF



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